I'm over 50, not dead!

Posted by Fiona Coppin on

"I'm over 50, not dead!" the voice inside my head screams, luckily for the sales assistant, my tongue, on this occasion remains firmly behind my tightened lips. 

"I want something that doesn't show my tummy, jiggly arms and not so firm bits. It must be flattering, a bit 'hip' and even, dare I say, sexy!" The sales assistant kindly (fakely) tells me 'I'm not too bad and that her Mum is always complaining about the same thing'. I go on, "It has to be comfortable, breathable for my hot flushes and if you can give me pockets....we are friends for life!" The sales assistant rolls her eyes and points me, once again, in the direction of the 'I might as well be dead' section.

Finding our style as we get older can be a challenge, finding shops that sell our style is even harder. At Fig and Fi we spend our time sourcing outfits that make women feel beautiful, comfortable and confident no matter their age or size. We deliver to your door and offer a money-back service - if the clothing doesn't fit when you first receive it. To top it off - most of our outfits come with pockets :) . 

If you are unsure of what to wear or how to wear it, call Fi on 0488008110 for a free consultation.